How Does Your List Show Your Subscriber What You Do Best?

Your list shows your subscriber what you do best over time. Like relationships in the real world, who you are shines through you and attracts your subscriber.

You learn how to build your list in bits and pieces. No one is a born list builder!

You share little bits and pieces of what you love and know best all over the Internet. Like stories of old, that’s your breadcrumb trail back to you.

Each time you provide content somewhere you get to leave your name. If you have a website where people can learn more you get to link to that.

Over time, people who are searching for your solutions will begin to bump into you. If they like you a lot they may join your list right away.

Most people won’t follow you right away! That’s just not the way the world turns.

When the right folks for you bump into you over and over, that’s when the magic begins. It takes seeing you over and over!

You unleash the power of the Internet when you leave enough breadcrumbs of your content pointing back to where you are. That way, people can bump into you hundreds and thousands of times.

Seeing you all over? Name recognition.

Getting good clues on solving problems? Curiosity.

Urgency in your reader? All this comes together.

Click! Finally your reader clicks to learn more from you.

Once you reach a sort of critical mass this can happen in minutes! When it does you’ve got to be ready to deliver.

Over time, you’ll gain a following of people with problems. As you get better at this, your new subscribers with problems will become your buyers faster.

In the beginning you’re guessing at what your subscribers want and need to hear. Over time you will get questions from your subscribers.

Questions help you! As you provide answers to your subscribers, you figure out what parts of your expertise to share with your subscribers.

That’s when you begin list building for traffic. Your email to your subscribers drives traffic where you want, when you’re ready, any time you want.

People who know a lot in your area of expertise will bump into you. Some of them may become a guest blogger, others may become joint venture partners or more!