Top 3 Tips For Building Your Email List

Top 3 tips for building your email list:  bore, entice and ask. Yes! You must.

In fact, if you’re not up to working for all three? Then don’t bother building your email list for your online business.

The top 3 tips for building your email list absolutely require you to become more boring than you thought possible, so enticing you’re irresistible — and always out there asking for it. That’s what list building for traffic is all about.

You Must Be Boring!

That’s right. Your ability to be boring is a critical skill online!

(1) Practice being totally flat out absolutely yawn-provoking boring while providing the most exciting benefits of working with you to solve problems.

(2) Be as bold as you can at doing this or you’ll fail online. Boldness is the key to boring the daylights out of people.

(3) That is, out of people who find you accidentally. What does finding you accidentally mean? Anyone who’s absolutely not in your target market and who absolutely never influences, shops for, studies about or sells to your target market who somehow finds your content or ways to join your list.

(4) Your stuff must be so completely boring that if outsiders find their way to your content, your squeeze page or any of your optin forms they don’t take action. Be so boring they’re more likely to fall asleep than take action to provide contact information to your list technology.

(5) If you’re new you might not be able to put them to sleep. So in the beginning, be satisfied when you get the result that people move on by.

(6) Boredom is critical.

(7) Go all out to achieve this!

You Must Be Irresistible!

Your target market must find your boldness in blasting your benefits enticing. Ideally, your boldness is so enticing that your target market stops everything that’s going on, removes all distractions and focuses entirely upon you.

Still, the world has so many distractions that you’ve got to hold that attention fiercely.

How? I’ll tell you how.

(1) Provide valuable content.

(2)  Ask if your reader wants more.

(2)  Give a strong clear call to action.

(3)  Tell readers in your target market exactly what to do.

(4)  Create a simple squeeze page without distractions for visitors.

(5)  Boldly proclaim the benefits of a valuable information gift you deliver.

(6)  Deliver what you promised and include even more value than expected.

(7)  Continue to deliver relevant, valuable content that compels respect for your help.

(8)  Take care of your subscribers so you can help in a way that leads to them liking you.

(9)  Be consistently helpful over time so your subscribers trust you and feel comfortable buying from you.

(10) Boldly include links to your products and services with gentle anchor text so you can be irresistible for people ready to buy from you and so gentle that others feel comfortable following the links without feeling any pressure to do so.

You Must Be Always Asking

You’ve got to be always asking for contact information. If you put content online, you must either link to a squeeze page or to more content that bores and entices that links to your squeeze page.

Optin forms are good. But the ideal is to provide a path to your squeeze page so you can achieve total boredom and be completely irresistible.

Top 3 tips for building your email list?

The top 3 tips for building your email list are boring “outsiders”, enticing “insiders” by being irresistible, and everywhere always asking. You’ll build the best possible list of all! A community of people who respect, like, trust, buy from you, refer buyers to you, and invite you to provide content. Eventually you’ll become the best keynote speaker in your industry as long as you’re boring, irresistible and always asking for contact information.