How Do You Get Visitors Online So You Can Write Email?

How you get visitors online so you can write email is such a natural and simple desire. That’s why it’s so commonly found online.

Indeed, that’s intended as such a simple question when you get started using Internet marketing, isn’t it? Sadly, there’s no 25-words or less answer that gets you what you’re looking for when you ask.

That’s why I’m writing. There’s a bit of a roundabout in getting started online. That’s as true when you’ve got a successful offline business you’re moving online as it is when you’re starting fresh.

Writing email letters nurtures relationships.

It makes sense to be eager to write email that gets delivered. It works.

And if you’ve got one person you want to write email letters to, it makes sense to start by writing one email. Then send it.

And do you know what? If you’re positive you’re only interested in having a handful of people to write email to, that’s even a good way to start.

But you want lots of people on your list.

That’s what doing business online is about. Doing business with lots of people!

Getting lots of people on your list is kind of like you standing alone on an airport runway. You’re watching all these full airplanes take off. You want to take off too!

But to build your own small business with your own goals, you’ve got work to do before takeoff. You’ve got to build your back office support at the same time as you get your airplane and fuel it up.

Bridging the Gap

Your back office support in an online business involves list technology. For example, I use Aweber.

There’s a bit of a gap between you using list building technology and you writing email that gets delivered to your future buyers. That gap has to do with getting visitors.

You’ve got to have a place for visitors. A good starting place is a squeeze page. A squeeze page is a page on the Internet that you own. All it does is collect contact information and connect to your list technology.

One step is getting visitors online so your squeeze page can convert your visitors to your subscribers so you can write email. But where do your visitors come from?

Internet traffic

There are many sources of Internet traffic. The easiest way that works for the long haul is to learn how to place content online that’s appealing to your future buyers.

Article marketing

Often this approach is called article marketing, even when your choice of media is video, audio, or a short blog post you write regularly.

How does that get visitors?

Your content appeals to your future buyers. So when people who are your future buyers are online, when they use search engines they can find your content in their search results. That’s called organic Internet traffic, by the way. Organic traffic is good for the long haul because you don’t have to keep paying someone in order to keep getting organic traffic.

What do you do with visitors?

Okay, so visitors find you because they learned a little bit from your content. You whet their appetite and they want learn more from you so they clicked on a link you provided for learning more.

Your link goes to something else of yours. Sometimes you link to more content. Other times you link directly to your squeeze page.

Eventually! Your Squeeze Page

You get visitors to your squeeze page.

Visitors on your squeeze page can give contact information.

Your squeeze page can take that contact information and give it to your list technology. You can connect that with your list technology delivering a free gift in exchange for your visitor’s contact nformation. That’s a good way to get people inspired enough to take action rather than get distracted, forget and go away forever.

What happens the first time all those steps are completed?

Congratulations. You’ve got your first subscriber.

Do you know what that means? You have a way to get visitors online so you can write email that gets delivered.


How To Succeed Online


How do you succeed online?

Short answer: make a plan, build a list and sell to your list.

Making your plan includes going from raw dream to reality.

Being profitable include creating your own information products and coaching program applying your expertise to help people change their lives.

Help people, to get traffic to build your list. Use your list to help people, gaining respect, liking and trust.

For those who want more, offer your products and services. Gently and in the right times and places!

You succeed online by list building for traffic.

Here are useful resources to learn how!

How To Succeed Online

(1) using baby steps!

(2) by overcoming your fear of success

(3) by blogging

(4) by helping others

(5) by learning more

How Does Your List Show Your Subscriber What You Do Best?

Your list shows your subscriber what you do best over time. Like relationships in the real world, who you are shines through you and attracts your subscriber.

You learn how to build your list in bits and pieces. No one is a born list builder!

You share little bits and pieces of what you love and know best all over the Internet. Like stories of old, that’s your breadcrumb trail back to you.

Each time you provide content somewhere you get to leave your name. If you have a website where people can learn more you get to link to that.

Over time, people who are searching for your solutions will begin to bump into you. If they like you a lot they may join your list right away.

Most people won’t follow you right away! That’s just not the way the world turns.

When the right folks for you bump into you over and over, that’s when the magic begins. It takes seeing you over and over!

You unleash the power of the Internet when you leave enough breadcrumbs of your content pointing back to where you are. That way, people can bump into you hundreds and thousands of times.

Seeing you all over? Name recognition.

Getting good clues on solving problems? Curiosity.

Urgency in your reader? All this comes together.

Click! Finally your reader clicks to learn more from you.

Once you reach a sort of critical mass this can happen in minutes! When it does you’ve got to be ready to deliver.

Over time, you’ll gain a following of people with problems. As you get better at this, your new subscribers with problems will become your buyers faster.

In the beginning you’re guessing at what your subscribers want and need to hear. Over time you will get questions from your subscribers.

Questions help you! As you provide answers to your subscribers, you figure out what parts of your expertise to share with your subscribers.

That’s when you begin list building for traffic. Your email to your subscribers drives traffic where you want, when you’re ready, any time you want.

People who know a lot in your area of expertise will bump into you. Some of them may become a guest blogger, others may become joint venture partners or more!

How I Got 21 Days 6842 Dollars Online Revenue

That’s a 21 day snapshot of online revenue. January 15th through February 5th that’s what happened. I got 21 days 6842 dollars online revenue generated by my product.

Instead of only saying to the world, “Hey, I did it!” I want to say to you in particular, “Here’s step by step how to do it!”

Yes! This is about helping you take action online. Any kind of action! Whatever is appropriate for you, your business, your situation, your dreams and your goals.

You got to this blog. Maybe then it’s your time to take action online in some way? Learn skills so you can get your time to sparkle and set sights on your spectacular learning adventure on taking action online.

You’ve got deep, hidden and astonishing areas of expertise. You’ve got specific expertise that other people want and need! Yes, you’ve got expertise that people are willing, even happy and eager, to pay for.


Today’s Tiny Tip of the Day:

Use what you’ve learned in your lifetime.

Even if you have to brush up on or update your skills!

Even if your expertise is from the school of hard knocks.


Hang on one moment while I explain! Close your eyes for a moment and imagine one of your most dark dangerous difficult past moments.

Now imagine being there! Imagine being you. Right now being the you of back then.

Imagine that you’re not alone. Instead, imagine that today’s you is right there to guide you (you as yesterday’s you). There helping you take action online,  silently, sincerely and safely supporting you to a satisfying specific solution.

How does that feel, as yesterday’s you? Pretty good, right? I mean, compared to what it was without today’s you there helping you take action.

Question! You can imagine yesterday’s you getting some kind of benefit, can’t you?

Exactly! And that’s exactly what you’re going to do. You’re going to take action online in some way.

You’re going to use what you know. You’re going to find people with pressing problems you already know how to solve. You will build your list, doing your list building for traffic, using Internet marketing.

But wait! You have learned NOTHING yet. You’re going to unleash the power of the Internet using Internet marketing because that way you’ll breeze through the delicate delivery details.

Bottom line is… You’ll pour out your experience out in words. You’ll practice by getting your own information in products. You’ll practice putting them out kind of into your own personal vending machine on the Internet.

Tiny! You get tiny tips for putting together a workable Internet foundation here.

Confidence! Building your Internet foundation and using Internet marketing will strengthen your confidence. You’ll apply that confidence.

Help! You’ll learn the very first baby steps of applying your life experience to help people. You will help who have pressing problems you know how to solve.

Transformation! Helping other people is a surprising and wonderful thing. Serving others transforms you.

Do it Yourself! You will enjoy the work of transforming your life yourself and bring forth the sparkling star part of you that’s silently sleeping within you.

Do you follow me so far? You can find your own way on the Internet and bring joy and solutions to people with problems. Design your stuff right into the wide open breezy spaces that fit you best.

Fair enough? It’s time to look closely at getting your skills where you’re simply the best at something people will pay for into an information product. So watch this space.

How will this blog help you in list building for traffic? There will be some fine tuning for sure. Do you know what one thing we’ll focus on while learning skills?

Your Mindset! Transforming your life involves focus. Your focus is your mindset. Your mindset of becoming and being truly the best at what you already know. Along the way you’ll work at mastering whatever important bits may be missing.

UPDATE: Here’s what I’m doing now:

And where you can learn more…


Your List Represents Your Business Relationships

Your list represents your business relationships. Business is an exchange of value. Ao, to give more in use value than customers give in cash value. Every time!

What is a list? To an outsider, your list is perhaps just a collection of email addresses and the like. To you, as the owner of your business that created your list, your list represents your important relationships within your marketplace and with your buyers.

Yet for small business owners, your list is much more than a collection of email addresses. More than whatever other data you may choose to collect, too. Your list is the center core of your small business.

Your list is your asset. Your list is important. Indeed, your list is probably your most important business asset even if you own a lot of equipment!

In the USA, none other than, “Uncle Sam” has long recognized the dollars and cents value of your list as a small business owner. Not the actual content of your list! But certainly in the value of your list as your asset, as representing your business.

Yes, indeed, your list has value and “Uncle Sam” cares! The fact that your list is indeed an asset is recognized by the federal government of the United States of America. From allowing tax deductions to valuing businesses, “Uncle Sam” recognized the value of your list long before the first computer — or tamed electricity to run it — were available.

How? As, “Goodwill.” There’s a line for Goodwill in your balance sheet for business valuations that is used for the value of your reputation and your relationships.

Your list represents your relationships. When you automate your list building efforts, your list provides a glimpse at details of each of your relationships. Your list kind of acts as an extra memory for you as a business owner, too, even showing who is interested in what topics based on what emails are opened.

List building involves you in the creation and nurturing of your most important business asset. Don’t worry, list building for traffic will help you. Learn how to create, nurture, automate.

Your small business relies on your list because your list represents your relationships. That includes your relationships with repeat buyers who give referrals! Right through to the people who just this moment found you and asked to learn more. As you automate and set up your list building efforts to work for you on autopilot,  your list building work creates your own personal vending machine on the Internet.

UPDATE: Here’s what I’m doing now:

And where you can learn more…