25 Ways How to Use List Building in Making the Sale

25 ways how to use list building in making the sale List building creates success in business. You’re able to observe behavior and to identify urgent problems you know how to solve as you go about list building. You interact, connect, and develop relationships with people, giving so much benefit that your list building efforts act for you in making the sale.

Here’s 25 ways how to use list building in making the sale:

  1. List building automates part of making the sale. Usually people need an awareness and some level of trust before making a buying decision. Responding to your list building effort to gain more information is a smaller commitment that’s easier for people — and gives you the power to deliver messages that build awareness and trust over time.
  2. List building gives you leverage in making the sale both offline and online. Your list building for traffic gives you control over developing a relationship with people on your list. The convenience of email provides instant gratification to the curious and gives hope for a solution.
  3. List building for traffic attracts people to visit. Visits that follow to your bricks-and-mortar store front, website and blog nurture a relationship with you and your business. List building gets your message to the right person at their right moments, drawing each closer to an in-person, phoned-in or online purchase.
  4. Proclaims your solution. Use your list building work to write messages that arrive regularly. Educate, entertain and delight using memorable stories that show your solutions in action.
  5. Develops relationships. Use list building as your tool for connecting with the right people over time, automatically. Create and grow an audience that delights in knowing the latest and greatest news of you and your business.
  6. Creates consistent connections. Use list building to share stories about specific results and outcomes of your clients. Offer to include details and links to your clients business as part of each story so that your clients benefit from speaking up.
  7. Creates anticipation for your next message. When you deliver messages in a pattern, such as every Wednesday or the first of the month people begin to expect you to appear in their inbox. Share what’s coming in your next message, too, and you’ll help people to really look forward to hearing from you.
  8. Observe. Learn what your best customers have in common! Use that know-how to figure out strategies that attract more people who have those same characteristics.
  9. Be found. Write articles of interest to your market! Publish in article directories or as guest blog posts with links to your list building opt in.
  10. Invites specific behavior. On a most basic level, list building creates a list of people you can invite for specific benefits, becoming traffic to your business locations both online and offline. Your list building effort gives you the contact information to send email that promotes information and special offers you can track.
  11. Expected. Studies continue to show that people prefer to receive information from businesses by email. This is true even of people who are so involved in social media for communication that they rarely send email themselves.
  12. Copy Tradition! In part, list building imitates and automates the behavior of traders and merchants of old. Throughout history, long before the conveniences we enjoy today, business owners created success by getting to know people. Face to face interactions that took place allowed nonverbal communication to deliver keys to the needs and preferences of buyers.
  13. Know Exactly! When you know people well, you serve needs more effectively. Use list building to work toward the day you know the needs and preferences of your market so well that you instinctively create a new service to fit a pressing need. Use your knowledge to hit a targeted and pressing need exactly!
  14. Insight. List building gives you insights into challenges that arise repeatedly and that lets you make a new product that delivers a solution. That backs in your list building in making a sale because you can contact the folks most likely to benefit — and get testimonial stories to share with the rest of your list!
  15. Traders and merchants of old knew the market in making the sale. Old-time knowledge came from observing the behavior of people first hand. At the most basic level, face to face interaction was the way of list building in making the sale long ago.
  16. Effectiveness. Whenever you connect with people list building is effective. Each interaction garners you more bits of information that help you serve well. Aim for connecting,  yet pay attention to use what you learn to discover more ways of making the sale.
  17. Powerful! By connecting on a regular basis, you get more consistent results in making the sale. Doing so automatically frees you to work on your business rather than just in your business — and that’s how your profits grow with leaps and bounds!
  18. Angles. List building gives you a way to show the right people your solutions from a variety of different angles. Each time you create another angle and get that information in front of people, you are closer to making the sale.
  19. Catch attention. Getting your email in front of the people who are most likely to benefit is a convenient way to draw attention to the gaps you can fill for each of the developing relationships in your list. Use your list building tools to know which readers most need each message.
  20. Safe. Your products and services get good outcomes for your clients, right? That’s a form of social proof that doing business with you is safe. Getting the stories of  results into the hands of the right people at the right time leads to making the sale.
  21. Positive outcomes. When you have a way to create positive outcomes, it’s not enough simply to let the facts exist. You’ve got to weave the facts into a story and get the story delivered to people who will relate to the story.
  22. Relate a story as a first step in recognizing a solution. Your success in making the sale requires being in the minds of people. List building empowers you to be on the mind of people in a way that feels safe to recognize a solution. Stories of results then create a pathway for you into the minds of the right people when minds are open.
  23. Control timing! Now, with email and the Internet as our tools, your list building automates the delivery of your message at a time of your choice. Traders and merchants of old needed to make significant effort for each individual message but you can time your messages to match seasonal behavior and needs — even specific holidays or events to the day.
  24. Control who learns about your best results. Use list building in making the sale by release a new story just to your most responsive list of repeat buyers. Start to create a “buzz” in the marketplace by having a group that’s “in the know” so your early news gets forwarded to friends and colleagues.
  25. Urgency via special offers or coupons. Be sure to include expiration dates!  That creates a sense of urgency as well as an incentive to keep opening each email — and reduces your risk in terms of needing to honor what becomes an ancient coupon at some far future date.

Business is about making the sale. Doing so requires a constant flow of referrals, repeat buyers, buyers and visitors. List building lets you create that flow by sending traffic to your website, blog, or offline store where you focus on making the sale. Well, that’s it: 25 list building tips.

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