How to Create Your Own Mailing List Squeeze Page

How to create your own mailing list squeeze page is important enough to invest your own time and effort. Even if you’ve got plenty of employees and are an expert at outsourcing.


Small Business Owner

Your squeeze page is central to your business.

Creating your own mailing list is what creates your biggest business asset. You can truthfully call all your work to create your own mailing list a good investment!

You use technology to build, use and maintain your list. Every asset requires further investment – including your squeeze page.

Your squeeze page is a piece of technology. It’s a single page website.

How can such a tiny technology be so important? Your squeeze page creates your biggest asset by connecting you with the world.


What is a squeeze page?

Your squeeze page is your technology that adds people to your list.

Get contact information from visitor. Store contact information in list.

No contact information? No list.

No storing contact information? No list.

No list? No asset.

Certainly you can have cash flow and profit without having your squeeze page. But you’re not building an asset.


Your squeeze page

Requirements for your squeeze page:

  • Be available 24×7
  • Get contact information from visitor
  • Pass visitor’s information to your list technology



You get better results when you limit your squeeze page to collecting and delivering contact information.

Results from your squeeze page are greatest with the simplest page that fits.



Please. Humor me! Just go make your squeeze page yourself.

What you learn will stick. What you learn is a good investment in working on your business to create an asset.

You’ll feel prepared to update your squeeze page. You’ll feel willing to improve your squeeze page!

You’ll feel more willing to observe, even test and measure, your squeeze page.


Test and Measure

When you make time to test and measure you get insights about your business. These insights allow you to adapt to whatever you discover about your own unique business.

You may not want this fact! Learning how to use Internet marketing has become a requirement to succeed online.

That’s true even if you are employing plenty of people and using outsourcing. Get involved yourself.

Test and measure!



The importance of your squeeze page can get lost in information overload. Even the idea of how to create your own mailing list squeeze page can feel stressful.

Stressful enough to skip building a list! But you’re now protected because you know your list is an asset.

Recognize your squeeze page has exactly one real job.

Let your squeeze page do one job well.



Your squeeze page gets contact information from your visitors. Delivering contact information to your list converts visitors to subscribers.

Visitors who may never return again become subscribers who you can send an invitation to return.

That’s right. You first reason for inviting visitors to be subscribers is so you can contact them again.

Otherwise people who need you most may be gone forever.



Despite interest, note taking, bookmarking and having the best intentions of returning! People forget.

In fact, people with urgent problems who most need your solutions may be even more likely to get distracted and forget than other visitors. Urgent problems tend to create stress, leading to distraction.

Your best future buyers need you to build a list.

Don’t let them down!



Being able to contact someone gives you a bit of control over your business. You don’t have to put the future of your online business in the hands of people who recognize your value but then forget how to find you again.

Don’t let real people with real problems down by failing to invite them to get value from you.

Be ready and able to send valuable invitations!



When your squeeze page does one job well you’ll get subscribers. Don’t load other jobs on!

When you allow your squeeze page focus to be doing exactly one job there’s a better chance of visitors succeeding in entering contact information and clicking to submit it to your list.



Your Squeeze Page

Your returning subscribers provide your most targeted website traffic. That’s where your money is – in the pockets of people who need you most that return to learn more from you.

You’ll get to help. You’ll become a respected, liked, trusted resource for people in your target market.

Your squeeze page delivers!


P.S. What do you do when you feel a need to do more than one job?

Make an extra squeeze page!