Quick Marketing Tip – Sample Squeeze Page

What is a squeeze page? Your squeeze page is your own page on the Internet that collects contact information from visitors.

When you put content on other people’s sites you are usually invited to provide a link to yourself. It’s supposed to be somewhere people can learn more.

If a site permits you to use your squeeze page, here’s a quick marketing tip! Do so.

Your squeeze page is the only thing that stands between you inviting your visitor back as a subscriber and your visitor leaving disappointed. When someone visits, be hospitable – get contact information so you can invite them to your party online whatever that may be.

Seriously. They found you and want more.

Get their contact information. A page that does that is called a squeeze page.

Also known as a landing page, optin page, capture page and other names. The key characteristic? Getting contact information from visitors to your list.

Sample Squeeze Page

(1) Cynthia Ann Leighton
(2) Sean Mize

By the way, when you put content on other people’s sites that’s often referred to as article marketing.