How To Use List Building To Benefit Your Business As A Solo Professional

How do you use list building to benefit your business as a solo professional? Give a taste of what it’s like to get your help!

List building

First off, if you’re using list building at all you’re way ahead of the crowd. That’s because most people have not recognized the value you can get yet.

Next? Your list is a form of storytelling around a big camp fire on a clear dark starry night.

Storytelling’s been around forever. Storytelling to a list of people who want to know more from you about what you do best? That’s newer!

Let’s look at helpful habits so you can gain insight by stories. That way you’ll really apply how to use list building to benefit your business!


Because people will contact you.


Imagine how your business days will feel when the people you can help most begin finding you consistently. Finding you and asking for more information!


O! Yes. And you’ll find it lots easier to provide more information that’s useful when you’re list building already.

Speed up silly stuff

As a new solo professional you can speed up the meet your business phase by getting out in your community. As you do so, put your business name on the goofiest thing that fits your business.

Make it so goofy that you feel at least a little bit sheepish as an adult giving it out so you can unleash the inner goofy kid who can smile, shmooze and spread smiles through your community along with the silly stuff. Because your list building benefits your business by letting out the smiling you to say, “Hello!”

Here’s a few examples…


How about

1. Bright green toothbrushes with your name painted on in neon pink?

2. And your landing page for a free ebook on how to floss your teeth fast.

Dog trainer?

How about

1. A clear plastic dog grooming comb.

2. And your landing page for a free ebook on first steps in training puppy to

(a) poop outside and

(b) sit on command.

Personal trainer?

How about

1. Draw stick figures showing your favorite post-workout stretch.

2. Print them 4-up on neon yellow paper and hand out 1/4 sheets…

3. With a tiny coupon for a free post-training sports-drink…

4. And your landing page for a free video showing you doing those stretches and explaining why you do and don’t push for each stretch

5. Maybe even a landing page for another free video that’s a thank you gift for referring others to your first video?

Auto dealer?

How about

1. Put a pencil sketch of your fastest-selling new vehicle as a coloring page on heavy stock white paper.

2. Include three coupons on the back! – one for a giant crayon with your name on it, one for a dark chocolate bar and one for a test drive and auto detailing for a buck .

3. Naturally you’ll want to include your landing page for a free video of you showing the do it yourself version of detailing a car.


How about

1. Neon pink combs with your business info printed in black.

2. With your landing page promising your video of your best hair care tips.


How about

1. Big silly off-the-shelf package of something medical… hmm purple band-aids?

2. Sealed in a giant ziplock bag with 3 business cards, a matching purple pen with your name on it and

3. A new-patient questionnaire that has a big spot for scheduling an appointment. Hmm. Maybe your landing page for a video of you sharing details on eating right to reduce health problems?

Oh and that funky toothbrush?

Whoops! Let’s say the story here is you order 1000x by mistake.

Here’s a fix

Get in the habit of grabbing a dozen from the back of your car every time you park it. Detour for quick stops at a farmer’s markets, state fairs, parades and other other local events.

Smile at everyone until you find a “home” for each goofy toothbrush. Mention you’re the dentist around the corner who loves to help people smile and hand out your funky fold-out business card with space for scheduling an appointment.


How to use list building to benefit your business is to build in-person habits!

Like children the goofy toothbrush helps!

You’re being like children with a tooth brush. You’re copying children who are learning to brush their teeth! It’s only uncomfortable until it becomes a habit.

And like children setting a habit to protect permanent teeth, you’re setting a habit to protect your future business success.

Habits matter! Your list teaches you habits. Practice these habits along with a big smile while looking for stories. That’s how to use list building to benefit your business as a solo professional.