How To Succeed Online


How do you succeed online?

Short answer: make a plan, build a list and sell to your list.

Making your plan includes going from raw dream to reality.

Being profitable include creating your own information products and coaching program applying your expertise to help people change their lives.

Help people, to get traffic to build your list. Use your list to help people, gaining respect, liking and trust.

For those who want more, offer your products and services. Gently and in the right times and places!

You succeed online by list building for traffic.

Here are useful resources to learn how!

How To Succeed Online

(1) using baby steps!

(2) by overcoming your fear of success

(3) by blogging

(4) by helping others

(5) by learning more

Quick Marketing Tip – Article Marketing Lasts!

Article marketing lasts! Article marketing is popular because it works.

When you make the time or invest in staffing or outsourcing for getting content online in the form of an article, do you know what you’ve done? You really have invested in your future.

In the ever changing world of unleashing the power of the Internet, content is king. Your content that can be written in an “evergreen” or way that’s timeless can be around for as long as the place hosting it.

Here are some articles about article marketing!

(1) by author Cynthia Ann Leighton

(2) by author Sean Mize


Quick Marketing Tip – Sample Squeeze Page

What is a squeeze page? Your squeeze page is your own page on the Internet that collects contact information from visitors.

When you put content on other people’s sites you are usually invited to provide a link to yourself. It’s supposed to be somewhere people can learn more.

If a site permits you to use your squeeze page, here’s a quick marketing tip! Do so.

Your squeeze page is the only thing that stands between you inviting your visitor back as a subscriber and your visitor leaving disappointed. When someone visits, be hospitable – get contact information so you can invite them to your party online whatever that may be.

Seriously. They found you and want more.

Get their contact information. A page that does that is called a squeeze page.

Also known as a landing page, optin page, capture page and other names. The key characteristic? Getting contact information from visitors to your list.

Sample Squeeze Page

(1) Cynthia Ann Leighton
(2) Sean Mize

By the way, when you put content on other people’s sites that’s often referred to as article marketing.


What Is A Squeeze Page?

What is a squeeze page? I get asked this from time to time. This is a common question online.

In this blog post I’m going to share what a squeeze page is. I’ll also share why to keep your squeeze page simple, how you get information on your list, how people find your squeeze page, other ways of describing your squeeze page – and why you need your own squeeze page.

What is a squeeze page?

A squeeze page is a web page on the Internet. It’s a simple web page in that it only has one role.

Your squeeze page collects contact information from visitors. That’s all!

Don’t make your squeeze page do more than what it takes to get your visitors to give their contact information and press the enter button. Keep it simple.

Why keep your squeeze page simple?

Remember, some visitors are actively traveling! Many are drinking a cup of coffee in a noisy environment while checking email, maybe talking on the phone. Still others are taking care of office matters as people drop by, or caring for small children. Or any number of other things!

Reality is that you’re competing for attention. Don’t let that contest take too long or you’ll lose out.

Keep your squeeze page simple so people don’t get distracted and go away before giving contact information.

Why do you need your own squeeze page?

The short answer is, “You need to build a list!” That’s because when you’re using Internet marketing, your biggest asset is your list.

Building a list requires you to get contact information. That’s exactly what a squeeze page does.

How does contact information get on your list?

Your squeeze page delivers contact information to your list technology. Collect and deliver!

The best way to get contact information into your list is to have your own squeeze page. Your list technology can then handle a lot of details for you.

How do people find your squeeze page?

When you have your own squeeze page you have an open invitation for visitors to join your list. You can drive traffic to your squeeze page by telling people where to go and what to do.

For example, any time you share something useful online you can include a link to your squeeze page. That way, you can say to each reader, “If you want to learn more, then go to this page!” where this page you refer to is a link to your own squeeze page.

Landing page? Opt-in page? Capture page?

Any page that has exactly one job where that job is to get contact information is a squeeze page. You will find that some people like to use other words!

Examples include: landing page, opt-in page and capture page. All are squeeze pages.

You want all the contact information for qualified visitors to get collected and go on to your list technology. That’s the role of this page, whether you call it a squeeze page, landing page, opt-in page, capture page or any of the other words you’ll see online.

Why you should put your squeeze page as the index of your own website.

I suggest you put your squeeze page on the Internet as a webpage on a website you own. That way you have full control. No one’s arbitrary decisions are going to take down your important webpage so you can be sure your webhosting will be responsible so you can stay as their paying customer.

For example, my squeeze page!


and allows visitors to enter their information. My list technology gets the contact information from the squeeze page and immediately delivers a free gift to my new subscriber as an educational thank you gift for becoming my subscriber.

That’s the answer to what is a squeeze page and how you’ll be using your own squeeze page! It all boils down to the fact that when you’re building your list you need to get contact information. Your squeeze page is what you use to get contact information and deliver that into your list technology from your visitor.


How Does Your List Show Your Subscriber What You Do Best?

Your list shows your subscriber what you do best over time. Like relationships in the real world, who you are shines through you and attracts your subscriber.

You learn how to build your list in bits and pieces. No one is a born list builder!

You share little bits and pieces of what you love and know best all over the Internet. Like stories of old, that’s your breadcrumb trail back to you.

Each time you provide content somewhere you get to leave your name. If you have a website where people can learn more you get to link to that.

Over time, people who are searching for your solutions will begin to bump into you. If they like you a lot they may join your list right away.

Most people won’t follow you right away! That’s just not the way the world turns.

When the right folks for you bump into you over and over, that’s when the magic begins. It takes seeing you over and over!

You unleash the power of the Internet when you leave enough breadcrumbs of your content pointing back to where you are. That way, people can bump into you hundreds and thousands of times.

Seeing you all over? Name recognition.

Getting good clues on solving problems? Curiosity.

Urgency in your reader? All this comes together.

Click! Finally your reader clicks to learn more from you.

Once you reach a sort of critical mass this can happen in minutes! When it does you’ve got to be ready to deliver.

Over time, you’ll gain a following of people with problems. As you get better at this, your new subscribers with problems will become your buyers faster.

In the beginning you’re guessing at what your subscribers want and need to hear. Over time you will get questions from your subscribers.

Questions help you! As you provide answers to your subscribers, you figure out what parts of your expertise to share with your subscribers.

That’s when you begin list building for traffic. Your email to your subscribers drives traffic where you want, when you’re ready, any time you want.

People who know a lot in your area of expertise will bump into you. Some of them may become a guest blogger, others may become joint venture partners or more!