How To Apply Internet Marketing To Build Your Small Business

Are you using Internet marketing to build your small business? I’m writing to share how to apply Internet marketing to turn your entrepreneurial yearnings into business success.

Rule 1 in applying Internet marketing to build your small business 

Don’t Multi-Task!

First, don’t multi-task in your own work! Because you’re more effective when you sit and do something, start to finish, without distractions.

Second, apply the same rule to your squeeze pages where you invite visitors to become subscribers. Because confused people do nothing! Your squeeze page is more effective when you let it do one thing, start to finish, without distractions.

Recognize that your landing page that you use as a squeeze page to get contact information matters because it has exactly one job. When you feel a need to do more than one job make an extra squeeze page.

Landing pages that get contact information from your visitors exist so you can add people to your list as a subscriber. That’s converting visitors to subscribers.

You invite visitors to be subscribers so you can contact them again. Otherwise you’re leaving them in the lurch. Because you can’t help much if you can’t connect!

Rule 2 in applying Internet marketing to build your small business 

Relationships Rock!

Every time your landing page does its one job successfully you get a shot at connecting with another person who may be your best future buyer. You’re allowing yourself to develop relationships with future buyers.

Building your small business is about relationships. Whether you’re applying Internet marketing to drive offline sales or to create an online business, it’s all about the same thing.

Relationships matter.

Rule 3 in applying Internet marketing to build your small business 

Deliver results!

Your landing page results drive traffic because when you get contact information you can connect with people. When you connect with people, they’ll return to your stuff online.

When people show up to your stuff, whether it’s a lens on Squidoo, an article on your own website or someone else’s website, a post in a forum, or some other combination that spells YOU on social media, do you know what’s happening?

I’ll tell you what’s happening. You’re getting a shot at delivering results.

Sure, it’s a small amount of results you can deliver for free with stuff you merely post online. But when that sparks a request for more information, you get to deliver more of you.

More of you means more results to the person on the other end.

Results received by someone who’s ready for change and willing to take action can transform their life.

There’s more!

When you think about doing something from start to finish, connecting with people and delivering results, you’re on the right track. But you’ve got to take action yourself or you’ll simply be run over sitting on that track.

The train of the Internet is relentless, so you’ll want to automate or your business will get run over if it’s stuck, even on the right track.

How To Use List Building To Benefit Your Business As A Solo Professional

How do you use list building to benefit your business as a solo professional? Give a taste of what it’s like to get your help!

List building

First off, if you’re using list building at all you’re way ahead of the crowd. That’s because most people have not recognized the value you can get yet.

Next? Your list is a form of storytelling around a big camp fire on a clear dark starry night.

Storytelling’s been around forever. Storytelling to a list of people who want to know more from you about what you do best? That’s newer!

Let’s look at helpful habits so you can gain insight by stories. That way you’ll really apply how to use list building to benefit your business!


Because people will contact you.


Imagine how your business days will feel when the people you can help most begin finding you consistently. Finding you and asking for more information!


O! Yes. And you’ll find it lots easier to provide more information that’s useful when you’re list building already.

Speed up silly stuff

As a new solo professional you can speed up the meet your business phase by getting out in your community. As you do so, put your business name on the goofiest thing that fits your business.

Make it so goofy that you feel at least a little bit sheepish as an adult giving it out so you can unleash the inner goofy kid who can smile, shmooze and spread smiles through your community along with the silly stuff. Because your list building benefits your business by letting out the smiling you to say, “Hello!”

Here’s a few examples…


How about

1. Bright green toothbrushes with your name painted on in neon pink?

2. And your landing page for a free ebook on how to floss your teeth fast.

Dog trainer?

How about

1. A clear plastic dog grooming comb.

2. And your landing page for a free ebook on first steps in training puppy to

(a) poop outside and

(b) sit on command.

Personal trainer?

How about

1. Draw stick figures showing your favorite post-workout stretch.

2. Print them 4-up on neon yellow paper and hand out 1/4 sheets…

3. With a tiny coupon for a free post-training sports-drink…

4. And your landing page for a free video showing you doing those stretches and explaining why you do and don’t push for each stretch

5. Maybe even a landing page for another free video that’s a thank you gift for referring others to your first video?

Auto dealer?

How about

1. Put a pencil sketch of your fastest-selling new vehicle as a coloring page on heavy stock white paper.

2. Include three coupons on the back! – one for a giant crayon with your name on it, one for a dark chocolate bar and one for a test drive and auto detailing for a buck .

3. Naturally you’ll want to include your landing page for a free video of you showing the do it yourself version of detailing a car.


How about

1. Neon pink combs with your business info printed in black.

2. With your landing page promising your video of your best hair care tips.


How about

1. Big silly off-the-shelf package of something medical… hmm purple band-aids?

2. Sealed in a giant ziplock bag with 3 business cards, a matching purple pen with your name on it and

3. A new-patient questionnaire that has a big spot for scheduling an appointment. Hmm. Maybe your landing page for a video of you sharing details on eating right to reduce health problems?

Oh and that funky toothbrush?

Whoops! Let’s say the story here is you order 1000x by mistake.

Here’s a fix

Get in the habit of grabbing a dozen from the back of your car every time you park it. Detour for quick stops at a farmer’s markets, state fairs, parades and other other local events.

Smile at everyone until you find a “home” for each goofy toothbrush. Mention you’re the dentist around the corner who loves to help people smile and hand out your funky fold-out business card with space for scheduling an appointment.


How to use list building to benefit your business is to build in-person habits!

Like children the goofy toothbrush helps!

You’re being like children with a tooth brush. You’re copying children who are learning to brush their teeth! It’s only uncomfortable until it becomes a habit.

And like children setting a habit to protect permanent teeth, you’re setting a habit to protect your future business success.

Habits matter! Your list teaches you habits. Practice these habits along with a big smile while looking for stories. That’s how to use list building to benefit your business as a solo professional.

Top 3 Tips For Building Your Email List

Top 3 tips for building your email list:  bore, entice and ask. Yes! You must.

In fact, if you’re not up to working for all three? Then don’t bother building your email list for your online business.

The top 3 tips for building your email list absolutely require you to become more boring than you thought possible, so enticing you’re irresistible — and always out there asking for it. That’s what list building for traffic is all about.

You Must Be Boring!

That’s right. Your ability to be boring is a critical skill online!

(1) Practice being totally flat out absolutely yawn-provoking boring while providing the most exciting benefits of working with you to solve problems.

(2) Be as bold as you can at doing this or you’ll fail online. Boldness is the key to boring the daylights out of people.

(3) That is, out of people who find you accidentally. What does finding you accidentally mean? Anyone who’s absolutely not in your target market and who absolutely never influences, shops for, studies about or sells to your target market who somehow finds your content or ways to join your list.

(4) Your stuff must be so completely boring that if outsiders find their way to your content, your squeeze page or any of your optin forms they don’t take action. Be so boring they’re more likely to fall asleep than take action to provide contact information to your list technology.

(5) If you’re new you might not be able to put them to sleep. So in the beginning, be satisfied when you get the result that people move on by.

(6) Boredom is critical.

(7) Go all out to achieve this!

You Must Be Irresistible!

Your target market must find your boldness in blasting your benefits enticing. Ideally, your boldness is so enticing that your target market stops everything that’s going on, removes all distractions and focuses entirely upon you.

Still, the world has so many distractions that you’ve got to hold that attention fiercely.

How? I’ll tell you how.

(1) Provide valuable content.

(2)  Ask if your reader wants more.

(2)  Give a strong clear call to action.

(3)  Tell readers in your target market exactly what to do.

(4)  Create a simple squeeze page without distractions for visitors.

(5)  Boldly proclaim the benefits of a valuable information gift you deliver.

(6)  Deliver what you promised and include even more value than expected.

(7)  Continue to deliver relevant, valuable content that compels respect for your help.

(8)  Take care of your subscribers so you can help in a way that leads to them liking you.

(9)  Be consistently helpful over time so your subscribers trust you and feel comfortable buying from you.

(10) Boldly include links to your products and services with gentle anchor text so you can be irresistible for people ready to buy from you and so gentle that others feel comfortable following the links without feeling any pressure to do so.

You Must Be Always Asking

You’ve got to be always asking for contact information. If you put content online, you must either link to a squeeze page or to more content that bores and entices that links to your squeeze page.

Optin forms are good. But the ideal is to provide a path to your squeeze page so you can achieve total boredom and be completely irresistible.

Top 3 tips for building your email list?

The top 3 tips for building your email list are boring “outsiders”, enticing “insiders” by being irresistible, and everywhere always asking. You’ll build the best possible list of all! A community of people who respect, like, trust, buy from you, refer buyers to you, and invite you to provide content. Eventually you’ll become the best keynote speaker in your industry as long as you’re boring, irresistible and always asking for contact information.


How to Create Your Own Mailing List Squeeze Page

How to create your own mailing list squeeze page is important enough to invest your own time and effort. Even if you’ve got plenty of employees and are an expert at outsourcing.


Small Business Owner

Your squeeze page is central to your business.

Creating your own mailing list is what creates your biggest business asset. You can truthfully call all your work to create your own mailing list a good investment!

You use technology to build, use and maintain your list. Every asset requires further investment – including your squeeze page.

Your squeeze page is a piece of technology. It’s a single page website.

How can such a tiny technology be so important? Your squeeze page creates your biggest asset by connecting you with the world.


What is a squeeze page?

Your squeeze page is your technology that adds people to your list.

Get contact information from visitor. Store contact information in list.

No contact information? No list.

No storing contact information? No list.

No list? No asset.

Certainly you can have cash flow and profit without having your squeeze page. But you’re not building an asset.


Your squeeze page

Requirements for your squeeze page:

  • Be available 24×7
  • Get contact information from visitor
  • Pass visitor’s information to your list technology



You get better results when you limit your squeeze page to collecting and delivering contact information.

Results from your squeeze page are greatest with the simplest page that fits.



Please. Humor me! Just go make your squeeze page yourself.

What you learn will stick. What you learn is a good investment in working on your business to create an asset.

You’ll feel prepared to update your squeeze page. You’ll feel willing to improve your squeeze page!

You’ll feel more willing to observe, even test and measure, your squeeze page.


Test and Measure

When you make time to test and measure you get insights about your business. These insights allow you to adapt to whatever you discover about your own unique business.

You may not want this fact! Learning how to use Internet marketing has become a requirement to succeed online.

That’s true even if you are employing plenty of people and using outsourcing. Get involved yourself.

Test and measure!



The importance of your squeeze page can get lost in information overload. Even the idea of how to create your own mailing list squeeze page can feel stressful.

Stressful enough to skip building a list! But you’re now protected because you know your list is an asset.

Recognize your squeeze page has exactly one real job.

Let your squeeze page do one job well.



Your squeeze page gets contact information from your visitors. Delivering contact information to your list converts visitors to subscribers.

Visitors who may never return again become subscribers who you can send an invitation to return.

That’s right. You first reason for inviting visitors to be subscribers is so you can contact them again.

Otherwise people who need you most may be gone forever.



Despite interest, note taking, bookmarking and having the best intentions of returning! People forget.

In fact, people with urgent problems who most need your solutions may be even more likely to get distracted and forget than other visitors. Urgent problems tend to create stress, leading to distraction.

Your best future buyers need you to build a list.

Don’t let them down!



Being able to contact someone gives you a bit of control over your business. You don’t have to put the future of your online business in the hands of people who recognize your value but then forget how to find you again.

Don’t let real people with real problems down by failing to invite them to get value from you.

Be ready and able to send valuable invitations!



When your squeeze page does one job well you’ll get subscribers. Don’t load other jobs on!

When you allow your squeeze page focus to be doing exactly one job there’s a better chance of visitors succeeding in entering contact information and clicking to submit it to your list.



Your Squeeze Page

Your returning subscribers provide your most targeted website traffic. That’s where your money is – in the pockets of people who need you most that return to learn more from you.

You’ll get to help. You’ll become a respected, liked, trusted resource for people in your target market.

Your squeeze page delivers!


P.S. What do you do when you feel a need to do more than one job?

Make an extra squeeze page!


How Do You Get Visitors Online So You Can Write Email?

How you get visitors online so you can write email is such a natural and simple desire. That’s why it’s so commonly found online.

Indeed, that’s intended as such a simple question when you get started using Internet marketing, isn’t it? Sadly, there’s no 25-words or less answer that gets you what you’re looking for when you ask.

That’s why I’m writing. There’s a bit of a roundabout in getting started online. That’s as true when you’ve got a successful offline business you’re moving online as it is when you’re starting fresh.

Writing email letters nurtures relationships.

It makes sense to be eager to write email that gets delivered. It works.

And if you’ve got one person you want to write email letters to, it makes sense to start by writing one email. Then send it.

And do you know what? If you’re positive you’re only interested in having a handful of people to write email to, that’s even a good way to start.

But you want lots of people on your list.

That’s what doing business online is about. Doing business with lots of people!

Getting lots of people on your list is kind of like you standing alone on an airport runway. You’re watching all these full airplanes take off. You want to take off too!

But to build your own small business with your own goals, you’ve got work to do before takeoff. You’ve got to build your back office support at the same time as you get your airplane and fuel it up.

Bridging the Gap

Your back office support in an online business involves list technology. For example, I use Aweber.

There’s a bit of a gap between you using list building technology and you writing email that gets delivered to your future buyers. That gap has to do with getting visitors.

You’ve got to have a place for visitors. A good starting place is a squeeze page. A squeeze page is a page on the Internet that you own. All it does is collect contact information and connect to your list technology.

One step is getting visitors online so your squeeze page can convert your visitors to your subscribers so you can write email. But where do your visitors come from?

Internet traffic

There are many sources of Internet traffic. The easiest way that works for the long haul is to learn how to place content online that’s appealing to your future buyers.

Article marketing

Often this approach is called article marketing, even when your choice of media is video, audio, or a short blog post you write regularly.

How does that get visitors?

Your content appeals to your future buyers. So when people who are your future buyers are online, when they use search engines they can find your content in their search results. That’s called organic Internet traffic, by the way. Organic traffic is good for the long haul because you don’t have to keep paying someone in order to keep getting organic traffic.

What do you do with visitors?

Okay, so visitors find you because they learned a little bit from your content. You whet their appetite and they want learn more from you so they clicked on a link you provided for learning more.

Your link goes to something else of yours. Sometimes you link to more content. Other times you link directly to your squeeze page.

Eventually! Your Squeeze Page

You get visitors to your squeeze page.

Visitors on your squeeze page can give contact information.

Your squeeze page can take that contact information and give it to your list technology. You can connect that with your list technology delivering a free gift in exchange for your visitor’s contact nformation. That’s a good way to get people inspired enough to take action rather than get distracted, forget and go away forever.

What happens the first time all those steps are completed?

Congratulations. You’ve got your first subscriber.

Do you know what that means? You have a way to get visitors online so you can write email that gets delivered.


How To Succeed Online


How do you succeed online?

Short answer: make a plan, build a list and sell to your list.

Making your plan includes going from raw dream to reality.

Being profitable include creating your own information products and coaching program applying your expertise to help people change their lives.

Help people, to get traffic to build your list. Use your list to help people, gaining respect, liking and trust.

For those who want more, offer your products and services. Gently and in the right times and places!

You succeed online by list building for traffic.

Here are useful resources to learn how!

How To Succeed Online

(1) using baby steps!

(2) by overcoming your fear of success

(3) by blogging

(4) by helping others

(5) by learning more

How To Write An Email That Gets Results

Small business owners write email that gets action by focusing on one person. Literally!

Pick someone. Write.

You’ll be surprised at your results.

Don’t worry, you’ll use your list technology to send the same email to other people. For now, relax and pretend you’re only writing to that one person.

Tip: choose someone who has something in common with the list of people you’ve got. That’s the necessary ingredient!


Quick Marketing Tip – Article Marketing Lasts!

Article marketing lasts! Article marketing is popular because it works.

When you make the time or invest in staffing or outsourcing for getting content online in the form of an article, do you know what you’ve done? You really have invested in your future.

In the ever changing world of unleashing the power of the Internet, content is king. Your content that can be written in an “evergreen” or way that’s timeless can be around for as long as the place hosting it.

Here are some articles about article marketing!

(1) by author Cynthia Ann Leighton

(2) by author Sean Mize


Quick Marketing Tip – Sample Squeeze Page

What is a squeeze page? Your squeeze page is your own page on the Internet that collects contact information from visitors.

When you put content on other people’s sites you are usually invited to provide a link to yourself. It’s supposed to be somewhere people can learn more.

If a site permits you to use your squeeze page, here’s a quick marketing tip! Do so.

Your squeeze page is the only thing that stands between you inviting your visitor back as a subscriber and your visitor leaving disappointed. When someone visits, be hospitable – get contact information so you can invite them to your party online whatever that may be.

Seriously. They found you and want more.

Get their contact information. A page that does that is called a squeeze page.

Also known as a landing page, optin page, capture page and other names. The key characteristic? Getting contact information from visitors to your list.

Sample Squeeze Page

(1) Cynthia Ann Leighton
(2) Sean Mize

By the way, when you put content on other people’s sites that’s often referred to as article marketing.


3 Secrets of Internet Marketing for Small Business Owners

What are the secrets of internet marketing for small business owners? Good question!

In fact, that is a question that gets asked a lot online! That’s why I’m writing this article.

Using Internet marketing in your business is becoming more critical for business success with every passing year. It’s still a fairly new skill for small business owners.

In this article I share 3 secrets of Internet marketing for you as a small business owner.


3 Secrets of Internet marketing




Supply is whatever gets sold. That’s the products and services you sell.

For small business owners, what’s your bottom line goal? Profit!

Small business owners get paid profit. You get profit when you do what you’re best at doing.

Your small business is most efficient there. Be choosy! What you choose to supply matters.




Demand is whatever people want.

Hint? Supply what people want!

Clues? Where do people spend money now?

You don’t want to create buyers! You want to attract buyers who have an existing demand.


Supply plus Demand


When your supply fits demand? People with urgent demand for your supply of solutions will seek you out and find you.

That’s how you meet demand in Internet marketing. Find out how to be found by the right people!

That’s research. But remember to research supply plus demand.

Where urgent demand fits stuff your business is best at supplying you’re ready to apply human psychology.


Human Psychology


Human psychology is about feelings. You want to guide people to have buying related feelings.

That happens when people respect, like and trust you. Finding you online starts that!

Email from you continues the conversation. Apply human psychology as you create sample emails.

Test, measure and adjust based on what you learn. Don’t keep testing forever!


Supply plus Demand plus Human Psychology


Once you know where your best supply and demand lies? Apply human psychology.

Help people find you and buy from you. Set everything up together and start helping people!

How? The secret about applying human psychology to supply and demand is in connecting with buyers one by one.

Why? What you cannot do for one buyer, won’t work for a crowd.


Sample Emails


Focus on human psychology of one person. When you figure it out, don’t keep that a secret!

Copy what works with one buyer. Create email campaigns for subscribers.

For your buyers, too! Create sample emails using what you’ve learned so you can nurture your buyers over time.

Do it again. Internet marketing is the, “Repeat!” part that you add on to connecting one person at a time.

Creating sample emails is your tool. You use your sample emails along with your list technology to automate online.


Apply your knowledge of supply and demand to connect with buyers using human psychology.

Experiment! Find what works for you.

Do it.

Create sample emails using what you did.

Do it again!

UPDATE: By the way, do you want to learn more? I’m using business examples as I teach, so I invite you to visit here: