How To Live Your Life With Contentment
(No Matter What's Happening!) While You Transform Your Entrepreneurial Dreams To Reality

Do NOT read this unless you want contentment to be a big part of your life.

Warning: if you read this you will know how some people are living this day with contentment - and joy - no matter what is happening - while others simply WON'T

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clarity and value to your business life

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From: Cynthia Ann Leighton, Entrepreneur

To: You IF you are ready to look in the mirror and say I'm ready for joy and contentment! I'm worth a better life. I'm willing to do what it takes to package up my abilities so I can deliver real help to real people (by truly serving others) and transform my entrepreneurial dreams into reality

My purpose is to bring kindness and encouragement, shining God's light on how to grow your business.

Is one of the things that's holding you back a feeling that, maybe even despite changes that improved lots of stuff in your life, you somehow missed the piece on experiencing contentment and joy?

Have you put in place some of what to do to transform your entrepreneurial dreams to reality, but for some reason whenever you try to do things, you're challenged by blockages, and you don't know how to undo them and let abundance flow in, perhaps because you find yourself slipping back into inactivity before you get the moving parts to fit together and to work the way you want?

Does it anger you that you haven't yet helped people using what you know, in a way that truly transforms your life, including feeling joy and contentment right here, right now, no matter what's happening?

Are you maybe even a bit frustrated with yourself for learning and learning without reaching synergy, that energy flow to get the flow of abundance in all target areas of goals, working without quite pushing yourself out of the nest of learning and into the test of the marketplace so you can help people with what you already know (deep down and from experience) makes a difference?

Perhaps you made changes in your life a year or two or three or even five ago, and you were feeling that by now you would have a life of joy and contentment, and money, even unexpected money, flowing, more incoming than outgoing?

Hey, if you have had a relatively high net worth (or plan on having it within 3 to 5 years), and you really would like to go from entrepreneurial dreams to big dreams to reality and do it by unleashing the power of the Internet, to apply exactly what you know today and to feed your entrepreneurial dreams...

If you'd like to use all your senses, apply exactly what you know today and feed your entrepreneurial dreams so you can learn how to transform your entrepreneurial dreams to reality, then maybe it's time to face the truth of the matter.

You need acess to a real, live, person so you can get help learning how to focus. Coaching provides that so you can stay the course.

When you learn to focus you need someone available not something. Someone who connects. Someone who knows what you are doing. Someone who cares. Someone who can give self development suggestions along with real world insights into how to focus day to day with joy-targeted, contentment-targeted, business-targeted direction for the exact next step... one little bit at a time so that you really take action.

Because you need to be on a step-by-step path to get from where you are right now to where you want to be.

You need to be working with someone. You need to be focused, experiencing a joy-centered, contentment-centered, total transformation. That's how to get from your entrepreneurial dreams in today's form... to a brighter future.

In fact, that's how to transform entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

You need to have someone who can help you to be (and stay!) highly focused.

Step by step! You need to be working on the few very specific things that can get results starting to happen.

Results in terms of helping people.

Results in terms of joy and contentment for you.

Results in terms of finances, more incoming than outgoing.

That's right: you need some one not just some thing.

After all, you really know stuff that's useful for people who are in pain right now.

There are people you can help. People who are in very similar places of feelings to where you were when you were in that pain, needing that solution you came up with.

When you get help from someone, do you know what you can do? You can go make a difference.

With a coach, it's possible to take your expertise, right now and use it... to help real people with real problems.

That's right, you can take what's way deep down inside of you in that quiet determined place where you took action... and help people.

You can share that part deep inside that made a change that transformed some aspect of life for the better.

You can give help now in a way that that turns the corner for you and for each person you help. Because you continue to grow as you help others!

You can take the gritty details of stuff that turned into the actions of getting out of that pain or solving those problems... and use it to help others.

You can find ways to use the Internet to deliver help to other people who are still in pain.

You don't have to journey alone.

You can get someone who can help you help people get through pain points.

Using stuff you're good at. Using stuff you really know. Staying focused.

You can have someone with you on the journey of unleashing the power of the Internet (even if your business itself is wholly offline).

You deserve to have someone on your side who can help you learn how to package up and deliver your expertise to people who have not yet solved those icky problems.

People are out there who are still stuck with that deeply painful stuff that you solved.

They deserve your help.

You can help!

Your help can make the world of difference.

Your help can change lives for people who are in a world of pain.

One key to growing a business is to find out what things (tiny or not so tiny!) you can do to help people so you can go make a difference.

Another key to putting your help into a growing business is having someone who can help you focus on doing what you need to do each day.

Because people want to learn from (or are simply still stuck in) stuff you are only too familiar with.

Yes. You are familiar with pain.

You experienced pain.

Because you, yourself, learned ways past, around and through some real, specific, pain.

You created solutions! Real working solutions.

Solutions for stuff you used to be stuck in...

Sadly... many other people cannot even escape that pain for the slightest instant and cannot even begin to dream of escaping to a better life.

Difficult stuff!

In fact, stuff that's so difficult you may still revisit that pain even now!

Only now? You recognize and pop right out.

You earned that power.

Are you going to hide that power?

Is it even fair to consider hiding that power?!

Is it fair to hoard what you learned at such a high price?

You had resources others may not have access to.

But now YOU can BE a resource for people.

Close your eyes for a moment.

Remember the pain. Let a speck of it into consciousness.

Don't worry, I'm not asking you to relive your pain.

Just remember a little bit as if it were right now.

Now look into your heart and imagine...

Imagine if the you that you are now... had visited the you that you were when you were in your worst moments.

Imagine getting to see the future you, back then, visiting you.

Visiting you with a smile. Visiting you with the encouraging solution story of your journey.

You can take people by the hand.

You got out of that pain...

Your journey holds the keys that can offer your solution for others.

You are a success story of solving that.

Some of those you can help are crying right now.

Yes, that's right. People are crying because they don't know they can be helped.

You can help them learn to wipe away tears... gently.

You can be their guide. You can take them by the hand...

You can help them build a system of steps...

Guiding a safe path of one tiny step followed by another tiny step.

And one after another, you can help people map their own way and guide the process of building a solution to getting out of the deep dark scary places of pain.

You Can Be The Rainbow.

You can show that there is a solution.

You can show that you are the solution.

You can show the path to overcoming like you are.

You can let people see you as you really are. An imperfect human being who can help.

That's right: You can help.

You just need someone who helps you wrestle it all out from deep within you.

You just need help forming your journey into a way of helping people.

You just need help to take what you lived and became expert in... so you can turn it into your deliverable solution...

Oh, it'll take work.

You're willing to work, right?

You are not going to leave people crying just because you got... What?! Scared? Lazy? Lost?

You can be done with delays. You can let go of excuses.

You can say... it's time!

You can prepare to help more people with more of your help as you grow your business, online or even wholly offline while using the Internet as a tool... growing your business in a way unique to you. A way in which you already have what it takes to help people... and you can get yourself ready to deliver... now!

Unleashing the power of the Internet

You need someone who helps you utilize the Internet as a tool, a delivery vehicle.

You need someone who helps you prepare to deliver cutting edge info in real time, someone who helps you stay focused on packaging up whatever it is that you learned by way of attitude, skills and gumption that got you the results others (who still have what were your toughest old problems) can barely dare to begin to believe possible for themselves.

Having a person to help you helps you stay on track so that you truly prepare yourself for the process of helping people.

Staying on track keeps you responsible for getting to people who are stuck, many simply unaware that there can possibly be a you who can help them.

Because you know some people cannot even imagine a solution other than accepting that pain.

Because there was a day you couldn't imagine... the you that you are today, right?


Now... isn't it about time?

Time to take action.

Time to help people.

Stop starving your entrepreneurial dream.

Transform your entrepreneurial dream into reality.

Decide you are willing to begin really helping people.

Decide you are willing to do the work to be able to help people using the Internet as a tool, at the very least as a delivery vehicle so you can help people directly.

Get a person to help you so you can feed your dreams.

Why pick me? Here's why:

My purpose is to bring kindness and encouragement, shining God's light, on how to grow your business.

I help you to stop starving your entrepreneurial dream.

I help you to begin to feed your entrepreneurial dream in ways that lead to experiencing joy and contentment along the way.

I help to you open your heart to helping people.

I help you to begin to take action from your heart so you can begin to do what you need to do to help people.

I help you to prepare to start helping real people...

I help you so you can focus on what you need to do to transform your entrepreneurial dreams to reality in tiny steps, one by one.

Now, you're probably wondering how and why I can do all those things.

Let me explain.

It's because I know that you know stuff already, deep down inside of you.

You know the deepest levels of How To's about how to get out of that pain and solve those problems.

You know in your gut.

You know in your heart.

That's why you can go make a difference.

You have expertise in the gritty details of stuff that, let's go deep, cost you a lot emotionally -- and in terms of time.

You got out of that pain.

You know there are ways out

You know how to figure out ways out... you even know specific examples that work.

You can take other people by the hand and help them out.

Because you know there is a way out, you can help people.

Knowing there is a way out matters!

Some people don't know there is a way out.

Some people who can dream of a way out simply don't have the emotional fortitude you have.

There's a world of people who are in pain.

Some people might not ever get out of pain without your help.

You know there is a way out.

You even know the way out!

Are you willing to go on the journey of helping people?

That's the key to succeeding in business and in life - being willing to help.

You've got stuff (tiny or not so tiny!) you can do that matters...

Some of your expertise cost you.

You paid a steep price to become an expert.

You can go make a difference.

You have what it takes if you choose to act on your entrepreneurial dreams.

You can learn to feed your entrepreneurial dreams.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to live your life? Really live your life.

As in live your life with love, hope, joy and contentment no matter what's happening - while you learn how to transform your entrepreneurial dreams to reality?

Excellent. Go ahead, sign up now, you will get your first simple training immediately when you sign up, just the bottom line on the soft stuff to listen to right away so you can open your heart to where joy comes from, so you can envision your own possibilities, so you can say yes to your own adventure, so you can start on your own path forward to welcoming people to what will become your entrepreneurial reality, when you set the stage for using your own gifts so you can connect with people who show up to get real help from you - and then we will talk within the next 7 days and begin personalizing the work we do together for a year so that you get past whatever's holding you back and sow the right seeds to begin to give real help to real people wherever they're at.

Either make one payment of $10,000 USD here:

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Your choice.

Perhaps you are now wondering, ahhhhh... how are we going to work together?

So I'll share that.

But before I do, let me say this: don't buy this because of a list of all the things you are going to learn... Because I don't want you enrolling with me because you want to learn some thing on a list.

That's probably how you've been buying training for years now, and you keep on learning lists of stuff, but you aren't experiencing joy, you aren't experiencing contentment, and you aren't settling your finances with more and more incoming than outgoing, and you aren't building an asset with long term value that will work for you day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.

I don't want you enrolling in shopping lists of stuff to learn.

You are investing in yourself! You are embarking on a journey that's going to change you for the rest of your life.

A journey with me. Personally.

Frankly, I don't know exactly what I am going to teach YOU.

Because this is personal.

This is going to be about getting YOU to be experiencing joy and contentment no matter what's happening - while you transform your entrepreneurial dreams to reality over this next year.

And the process will differ, based on what you want to help people with, what you know how to do already, how easy or difficult it is for you to do each step (for example, you may need me to step in and code something for you or record an audio event with you for the benefit of the people you serve) and so on...

So I am going to be delivering coaching to you personally on each step of the way to get you to joy, contentment, and the life changing steps of how to transform your entrepreneurial dreams to reality.

Not on a list of stuff!

Now, how am I going to work with you?

(1) We are going to meet in telephone coaching calls for over 36 hours in the next year, an hour a week for 3 weeks each month, in a very small group atmosphere with about 5 other people who are also going to be transforming entrepreneurial dreams to reality. Not only will I be working with you personally during that time, you will also get to mastermind and network with others in the coaching. ($9,000 value)

(2) I am going to give you over 36 hours of topic-specific training AS YOU NEED IT (some contributing just a few minutes) in the form of recorded audio events. I have experience teaching, and each of the things you need, as you need to learn them, I will give you the exact training to study for more information. These will be based on what you need, so it is different for each person. ($9,000 value)

(3) I am going to help you with the soft stuff of figuring out exactly what to offer as well as technical stuff, including some help with adjusting or setting up webpages if you need me to. (priceless)

(4) You will get to work with me personally for one full year. (priceless)

(5) You will have email access to me, and access to all of my trainings as you need them. ($10,000 value)

The full value of all of this, if I were to sell it all separately, is well over $25,000

Ahhhh... I know a few of you will want a list.

Because you are used to buying stuff based on a shopping list of what's inside.

They are NOT listed in the order you will learn them.

I will be teaching them to you in the order that you need them!

If you already know something, we will skip it.

Remember - this is personal coaching -

Meaning I am going to work with you based on what you need, not based on some list of stuff to learn...

BUT - I know you want them - so here they are:

(1) Sound! How To Use Your Voice

  • Most important things you need
  • Making a plan so you recognize your path and inspire yourself to do what you need to do
  • Self development habits so what you do goes through to completion because you build in your right habits
  • Identifying skills and talents!
  • How to find where gifts, abilities and heart's desire overlap in ways to help people
  • Creatively unleashing the power of the Internet
  • Internet marketing

(2) How to prepare for a year of self development that leads to true personal growth

(3) What do you have in place?

  • Plans?
  • Hopes?
  • Dreams?
  • Internet presence?
  • Moving parts?
  • Tools?
  • Business structure?
  • Advisors (tax, legal, mastermind)
  • Status overall?

(4) How to build momentum!

  • How to make your entry level product matter
  • How to use guarantees on your entry level product
  • How to create a list of your buyers so you can build relationships
  • How to create buyers using email campaigns that teach valuable lessons

(5) How to share your story so you can connect with people

(6) How to sharpen your communication skills so you can figure out what you want, get what you want, help others figure out what they want, help others get what they want, and set expectations

(7) How to share your problems so you can have a way to help people learn your solutions, one step at a time. So you help clients to find their footing again, through inspiring, motivational, memorable stories about what you survived and solved... and how they can too. Focusing on making a difference for your clients!

(8) How to filter to screen potential clients

(9) How to research

(10) How to practice

(11) How to find markets

(12) How to use your voice as a basic credibility indicator

(13) Tests! How to test, what to test, why to test - ahhhhh... the art of testing and measuring!

(14) How to do what you love to help people so that you deliver life changing transformation that builds a sustainable business model

(15) How your story helps your best future clients so they want to go through the process with you so they can become a better individual - and therefore are asking you for them to be able to join you

(16) How to apply your story to inspire people to do what it takes to solve problems or remove pain in an area you're expert at

(17) How to use your own story to identify needed changes and skills

(18) How to create the time and space to do your thing with joy and contentment (no matter what's happening) as you transform your entrepreneurial dream into reality

(19) How to choose two 15-minute times a day so you can engage joy and contentment in complete freedom

(20) How to make your life worth living

(21) How your experience of freedom helps people while being convenient (anytime, anywhere delivery)

(22) How to share your journey

(23) How are you blessed? How voicing gratitude and serving are related to joy and contentment!

(24) How to apply your story to the ordinary world your clients are pained by so you can help them use their passions and skills to find their own way

(25) How to figure out what you want the people you help to be able to achieve after working with you

(26) How to outline your business

(27) How to create information products so you can deliver some of your help from your own personal vending machine of introductory information products

(28) How to create predictions your clients can work toward for their future

(29) Greeting!

(30) How to get a life re-boot... sometimes with computers you gotta unplug and reboot... life too! No matter how far wrong you've gone you can turn around

(31) How to do the unthinkable so you can start your life over

(32) How to increase your faith so you can live in freedom

(33) Ritual!

(34) How to connect and clarify your life, your self and your business focus so you can be free and finally find freedom

(35) How to learn to trust your own judgement so you can take action, build your own business - and get paid (yes you will still do stuff free too!)

(36) How to put yourself in someone else's shoes so you can empathize (and avoid putting your foot in your mouth)

(37) How to make your life more liveable so you can be content

(38) How to remove layers of complexity - testing as you go so you can get results and recognize problems

(39) How to achieve more by learning to focus and do less! Plus: decluttering mind and body by not multitasking

(40) How to help people using your gifts - "Let's go!" and "What you will achieve" and "Do not remove joy even in pain, trouble and sorrow"

(41) How to do what you love so you can help people to love living what they must do to live today in joy and contentment despite obstacles

(42) How to examine your past pain points so you can help people become resilient, solve problems you got through, survive, see past pain, imagine better lives, build better todays and do what it takes to be content

(43) How to practice the art of letting go

(44) God's "No" is better than your "Yes"

(45) How to learn to use more of your mind

(46) How to use your mind in better ways

(47) How to live in prayer by praying always, breathing and smiling

(48) How to let God's love shine through you so you can help people

(49) How to use your online presence so you can attract ideal clients (even if your business is offline)

(50) How to have joy and incredible breakthroughs

(51) Reality!

(52) How this applies to you and to you unleashing the power of the Internet: I am whole and perfect as I was created

(53) How to connect

(54) How to remember what you learn - practice, gratitude, visualize!

(55) How to creatively visualize your life so you can Be, Have and Do

(56) How I did it

(57) How to identify what's broken in your life so you can fix it

(58) How to help people so you can be able to afford to do, be and have what you love because you will be helping others heal, thrive and find joy

(59) How to create a new you - lessons learned in starting over

(60) How to look at your life so you can see what you Know, Are, Do and Have deep inside that can help other people

(61) How to help people by hearing what their spirit is stuck on and making your unforgettable triumph over tribulations part of their vision for themselves, possibility thinking, daily offering, working through today and thriving survival skill kit for today

(62) How to focus on helping people by sticking to one thing as core, focusing on what you are expert in and sharing your continuing journey as an expert in story form

(63) How to tell your story so you can help people get where you are with your stuff!

(64) How to pick out "TO DO" items so you can clarify what you want and need, so you can stop farting around and procrastinating and so you can take action and get unstuck

(65) How to smooth the path for life so you can help people who face what you faced because you can show faster OR better OR cheaper ways to solutions than going from scratch alone, instead of staying stuck. And stuff others can't yet EVEN VISUALIZE

(66) How to start fresh and love life

(67) Blueprint For New You

(68) How to let go of what you have so you can become

(69) Getting your livliehood by helping people. Applying your special touches from your heart using all of you. Seeing others through situations you struggled through and found your way around.

(70) Word!

(71) How to live in contentment day by day

(72) Joy

(73) How to rejoice, accept consolation, live through desolation

(74) How to help people from problems to solutions (even from tears to joy)

(75) How to clear the way to transformation

(76) How to restore lives by helping people

(77) How to guide people so that none shall stumble so you can make a difference

(78) How to lead people to solutions that transform their lives

(79) How to deliver the comfort of caring, healing, growth, and transformation by helping people

(80) How to embrace your talent to help people

(81) How to open your heart so you can help people

(82) How to clear the way for people you can help

(83) How to comfort people

(84) How to shout with joy and find contentment (making a joyful noise)

(85) How to live from age to age with an ever-open heart to heal, embrace, forgive and live to restart life FRESH each day

(86) How to help people receive, accept, heal

(87) How to recognize what to do next

(88) How to stop getting what you don't want - when to say, "Oh well!"

(89) Serve! How to let go of you

(90) How to let go of you so you can grow

(91) How to let go and be

(92) How to let go and transform your life

(93) Letting go of you in ways that allows you to help people transform their own lives

(94) How to let go of you so you can help

(95) How to let go to accept joy and contentment

(96) How to let go of what's in your hand right now so you can accept what's next

(97) How to let go of here and now so you can accept what you want

(98) How to let go of what's now to accept challenges to grow and be more

(99) How to let go now to seek and search for more

(100) How to let go of what's in today so you can open your heart and life to accept more

(101) How to let go of your lumps of coal so you can let the gem of a person God created only you to be to appear

(102) How to let go of your lumps of coal so you can be healthy

(103) How to let go of your lumps of coal so you can let yourself be happy, experience joy, feel contentment

(104) How to let go of what you can't have do or be so you can be the gem God created only you to be

(105) How to get over yourself and your doubts so you can make a difference

(106) How to give more than a mere criticism sandwich so your appreciation, joy, contentment and self shines forth and makes a difference for someone who needs help

(107) How to make business friends quickly and easily

(108) How to answer your internal doubts, procrastination or fear on 'how can I help people?' by learning to take little actions

(109) How to figure out who you are a good fit for (online or offline)

(110) How to figure out who relates to who you are so you can help

(111) How to figure out why who you are is effective and why you matter

(112) How to let go and be like a child, letting adorable loveable goofy you out to play so you can make a difference

(113) How to let your excitement and delightfulness out to help people

(114) How to find more ways to be effective

(115) How to find more ways to be anything!

(116) How to get better growth by playing and being playful, even silly

(117) How to get better from whatever ails you by paying attention, doing research, and taking action

(118) How to let people know you're still learning so you can offer your expertise, gain experience helping people, sometimes offer free work or pay as you get results so you can temporarily offer cheaper prices as you go make a difference

(119) How to stop tripping over yourself

(120) How to let go of what is so you can get something different... and how to live through the 'hell in the hallways' between places

(121) How to stop wishing you could be a lump of coal so you can become the unique diamond God created only you to be

(122) Treasure! How to share

(123) How to be a hero by helping people over and through problems you've solved already

(124) How to start stuff for your online presence

  • business
  • laying your foundation for your start (or restart!) in business as you go online
  • traditional blog
  • blog in website form so less attention required
  • twitter
  • facebook
  • Street Articles
  • Ezine Articles
  • Pinterest

(125) Exercises for building your online presence

(126) How to get freedom financially by helping people

(127) How to avoid overexpectations

  • including avoiding Good AND Fast AND Cheap Expectations by telling people you can have 2 of the 3 (cheap and fast OR fast and good OR good and cheap) when necesary
  • choosing your focus on what you help with according to what you want
  • design your life the way you want by how you deliver results
  • attracting the right people who fit you, the results you deliver, and your processes for delivery
  • repel the people who don't fit you instead of experiencing the hassles involved in dealing with them

(128) Web pages! Thank you pages, sales pages and all that geeky technical stuff you can rely on me to roll up my sleeves and help you get through without raising your blood pressure or feeling like breaking something

(129) Headlines!

  • learning to emphasize what your best future buyers will get by reading more
  • positioning your value points up front
  • focusing on interests of your best future buyers and what they get to take away instead of what they gotta do
  • grabbing attention, kind of like those movie trailers that get you into the theatres for new movies
  • opening a conversation that you get to continue... for those who are likely your best future buyers anyways!

(130) Optin pages

  • Those special pages where people first say hello to you
  • Asking you for more of the free stuff you put online to filter the right people towards you...
  • Filtering the wrong people away from you...
  • letting folks know where they're at
  • telling what a visitor can do on the page
  • your unique selling proposition in terms of why care about you
  • what's different about you? why pick you instead of another?

(131) How to get paid online by helping other people get the results and exact outcomes they want

(132) Your history of volunteering

  • How you serving delivers your joy and contentment here and now
  • How you are preparing yourself to be able to deliver more effective and more efficient help to the people who are your best future clients
  • People are out there right now searching for someone like Future-You
  • Making Future-You who can help on their journey to remove pain points and solve problems and create a better future

(133) Volunteering now

(134) Values of volunteering

(135) Corners of your market with willingness to pay extra for what matters to them

  • How to find out what your best future clients value
  • How to offer premium experiences
  • How to deliver premium services
  • How to choose premium "extras"
  • How to indulge premium "splurging"
  • How to help through premium "pampering"

(136) Overcoming financial challenges

(137) Overcoming health challenges

(138) Value of experience over things - being and doing vs. collecting

(139) Physical challenges -

  • history of
  • currently facing
  • overcoming daily

(140) Appreciating frugality... or as I once told someone, you don't get to splurge on fancy trips around the world by wasting money! being faithfully frugal matters! (hint: stewardship of our planet is hidden in your moment by moment choices)

(141) How to apply Demographics

(142) How to apply Education

(143) How to plan for continuing education like investing in yourself by becoming a Dale Carnegie graduate

(144) Student? How to be a life long learner

  • past of yesterdays
  • current of today
  • future of tomorrows

(145) How to be service oriented - and how getting this in you delivers experiences of real joy and true contentment

(146) How to be willing to work to get desired results - and get more of the results you desire in your life!

(147) How to appreciate smiles - and get more smiles in your life!

(148) How to appreciate encouragement - and get more encouraging stuff in your life!

(149) Reconciliation! How to take the high road

(150) Praying! How you being in business requires you living in prayer because this is a broken world (Hint: think in terms of parables! Many people are acting as they do because they choose to be weeds. No matter who they are, they may be a weed. For you to be the good seed that produces abundantly, you'll need to put some people out of your life because they're so broken that they are dangerous for you to be around... weeds? Who knows. Even St. Peter needed St. Paul to set him aright when he was wrong. You're not St. Paul, the people troubling you are not St. Peter, so sometimes you've got to let God make good come of the evil people dump on you in God's own time... and simply be grateful that by the grace of God you're not that weed)

(151) How to change people's perceptions of you

(152) How to change your perceptions of you

(153) How to be willing to let people go away so you can make that change that transforms your life

(154) How to handle distractions later in the day so you can be creative and do your work first

(155) How to help people by treating their problems as urgent as well as important without allowing people to consume you. Especially when you're either focused on something else or overwhelmed by a situation!

(156) How to make space to be be in output mode without hurting people

(157) How to learn to be assertive

(158) How to skip gunk and figure out what to do

(159) How to be effective

(160) How to create systems so you can really say, "How can I help you?" and go about delivering a piece here and a piece there of stuff you've already created as well as whatever new stuff and interaction ties it all together for each new client

(by the way, that's how you go about building your own, well, essentially vending machine on the Internet! Because many things people want are in common with one another, so you'll be able to create, oh, say part one, part two, part YOU!, part three, part four for a new client once you've got your system in place so you can customize a solution using parts on hand... like new models of cars have parts in common with older models, you'll be building a system that uses parts. It's just that you create the parts one by one and apply them as needed rather than creating all new parts all the time for each person you help)

(161) How to start something and work start to finish so you don't get distracted

(162) How to allow yourself to recognize that setup of a system takes time so you can succeed online (even if your business is offline)

(163) How to figure out what things to do together so you end up with the parts you need

(164) How to pay attention to what's going on so you can apply the 80/20 rule and become more and more effective over time

(165) How to do what you need to do to produce your system by focusing on your action and your output

(166) How to make decisions

(167) How to figure out what you can do now and what you want to delay because it feels overwhelming or too time consuming

(168) Smile! How to notice gratitude

(169) How to make your life worth living

(170) How to change your own life while making online lessons to help people with stuff you've developed expertise at being, doing, not doing, having, not having, not being or dealing with in your own unique ways (even if your business is offline)

(171) How to smile at someone

(172) How to identify intense negatives as an exercise

(173) How to identified wanted or needed changes or skills as an exercise

(174) How to take the stairs! An exercise in choosing one stair, taking one step, putting one foot as a test... practicing!

(175) How to ponder on what you can teach, what you've got to offer and what will keep you growing while you help people

(176) How to open your heart to problems you've solved that hurt so much you might not want to help people because even remembering hurts... and how to find parts of that you can uniquely offer to the world in ways that help you too

(177) How to help people online by making a difference (even when your business is offline)

(178) How to enjoy adding fun new success habits

(179) How to act enthusiastic in authentic ways so you'll be enthusiastic because you're growing past your previous successes and solutions into new levels of impact for yourself and for people who you can help

(180) How to turn your life inside out so you can find yourself, so you can identify your solutions, so you can pick pain points, so you can make information products, all with an aim to helping people in unique, effective ways that you continue to improve upon as you deliver results with and for people who want and need your help so they can transform their own lives

(181) How to focus on helping people as you figure out what's your story in terms of your dreams, skills, passions, inspirations and willingness to grow yourself

(182) How to apply your talents so you'll discover your keys to helping people by translation points like stars in the sky, mapping your pains to your gains and what you learned and what you can teach

(183) You can laugh at money worries if you follow this simple plan

(184) How to build your business right

(185) How to define success

(186) How a plan matters (or, as billionaire T. Boone Pickens told ABCNews on July 7th in 2008, "A fool with a plan is better than a genius with no plan.")

(187) How to assess your time, talent and treasure so you can make a difference

(188) How to assess demand so you can know what people are willing to pay for right now

(189) How to assess what you supply so you can invest in supplying what people demand

(190) How to build a business foundation so you can get through the steep learning curve that causes so many to give up too soon (some on the proverbial one-yard line in terms of NFL-style football!)

(191) How your mindset matters... and how to get your mind set in the right mindset that fits for you!

(192) How you personally working on your business matters

(193) How to get paid by helping people transform their lives

(194) How the programs you create work to deliver results and create results... so you can deliver results consistently over time

(195) How to focus on transforming lives so you can deliver the results you yearn to deliver and your buyers can grow into the changes needed to get the specific outcomes your buyers each yearn to receive

(196) How to help people by sticking to your areas of expertise so that you're adding value about stuff you've solved and know deep down inside and so that your know-how both provides your help as needed and lends your awareness to lead you to draw in whoever else may be also needed for your buyers to get whatever transformation they want

(also known as? your buyers didn't get into trouble overnight, so they're not going to get out of trouble in an hour with you even if you are a surgeon who can be precisely removing the problem using scalpels... because more healing over time and with other help is often called for whether your program is surgery and postop healing or, well, most other human problems!)

(197) How to engage so you help people take actions to do what they need to do

(also known as people don't simply listen and instantly become transformed so you've got to be creative in helping people and providing baby steps and exercises you help with!)

(198) How to smile your way to whatever you want by serving people

(199) How to smile your way to faith hope and love by serving people

(200) How to smile your way to joy by serving people

(201) How to help people solve problems you've already solved for yourself

(202) How to plug in to your own money machine online by helping people solve problems you've already solved for yourself (even when your business is offline)

(203) How to test your market for hunger

(204) How to laugh at money worries by keeping it simple

(205) Open! How to open your heart

(206) How to begin letting go of Now's comforts so you can get a better life

(207) How serving creates a better you

(208) How to open your heart so you can help people because where you got stuck and then unstuck there's lots of folks still stuck

(209) How to look at your life to find what you've overcome so you can

  • share with others
  • help people with that
  • show that's not the end of the world
  • model surviving
  • model thriving

(210) How to leave the life you don't want so you can create a life you do want

(211) How to use your God-given talents so you can change the world for someone

(212) How to use your gifts so you can give yourself to the world - and get paid online or offline depending on your choice.

(213) How to matter so you can get paid

(214) How to help people - and get paid

(215) How your story can inspire others to be open to transforming their own lives

(216) How to live your life in love hope joy and contentment -- no matter what's happening hour to hour, no matter how painful life is, by serving -- and by knowing you are working to transform your entrepreneurial dreams to reality

(216) How to plan for spending wisely what you earn - and how to use your plans to inspire you in the moment so you can do the work you need to do to transform your entrepreneurial dreams to reality

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